Navy's 68th Anniversary: 787 Widows and Families of Fallen Heroes Receive Support

In anticipation of its 68th anniversary on June 1st, the Nigerian Navy has launched a week-long celebration program, highlighted by a heartfelt initiative to support widows and vulnerable members within its ranks. 

Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship NNS Wey in Lagos, Commodore Mutairu Mustapha Braimah, , shared insights into this commendable endeavor.

NNS Wey, serving as the primary Nigerian Navy Barracks accommodating over 3,228 personnel and their families, has become the focal point for this noble cause. Recognizing the sacrifices made by servicemen and their families, Braimah emphasized the importance of reaching out to the widows and vulnerable individuals among 

Collaborating with the state government, particularly in areas like Alajika and Kiri-Kiri, the Navy has secured vital support for its personnel and families. Despite time constraints, efforts have been made to provide palliatives to over 200 widows and 587 family members of fallen heroes.


"This is not just a celebration but a gesture of appreciation and solidarity towards those who have lost their loved ones in service," stated Braimah. He highlighted the significance of events like International Widows Day on June 23rd, underscoring the ongoing commitment to support those in need.

The distributed palliatives, including essentials like 10kg of garri, 5kg of rice, and 5kg of beans, have brought smiles to the faces of recipients. Braimah expressed his determination to continue such initiatives, promising larger endeavors in the future.

"This outreach embodies the ethos of the Navy, ensuring that no sacrifice goes unnoticed and no one is left behind," Braimah remarked. The gesture has not only uplifted the spirits of beneficiaries but also instilled confidence in serving personnel, assuring them that their efforts are valued and remembered.

As the celebration continues, the Nigerian Navy reaffirms its commitment to serving not only the nation but also the cherished members of its extended family. Braimah concluded by emphasizing the collective responsibility to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to the service of their country.

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