Alex Enebeli Reelected as ISMN President, Reiterates Institutes' Commitment to Assist MDAs to be Superlative For Strategic Results


The President of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria, (ISMN), Mr Alex Enebeli has reiterated the institution's commitment to assist the Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) associated with the institute and individuals who are representing these MDAs in the Institute to be superlative, stronger to perform better for the best result in their Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDA's). 

Mr. Alex Enebeli said at a press briefing shortly after being reelected as the President of the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria, (ISMN) for a second term at its 2024 Annual Conference and AGM with the theme, ‘’Resetting National Priorities: The Role of Strategic Management’’ which took place in Abuja.

ISMN President stressed that what is distinguished about members of the institute is that challenges are exciting to them,  they have optimistic blood and they thrive on change. The institute leads and initiates change. 

"Change makes us better and stronger.  That's near the institute is bringing to Nigeria. Charity begins at home that's why we are ensuring that the Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDA's) associated with us are stronger." he said 

Addressing the media further on the outcome and recommendations of the institute from the 2024 annual conference and AGM, the ISMN president, Mr. Alex Enebeli said,  first, a development plan should be made into Law.  Secondly, is the implementation. 

"We must first have implantation and then, drive the implementation to its conclusive end. 

He opined that what Nigeria lack is not Strategies, or agents to supervise the agencies but what Nigeria lack is consistency and getting results. He stressed that, during the interactive session on Thursday during the conference, members of the institute noted how Nigeria lack love and values. 

"Poverty has been Weaponised as we lack distrust,  that's why you will see how some people sell out intelligence about their community.  Our loyalty levels have been reduced. Without working out the plan which is the input and resources,  nothing can work. " he added

SpyeTV News report that at the end of the Annual General Meeting of the Institute in Abuja, a new set of Governing Board Members were announced, they are: MR. Alex Ndudi Enebeli, FSM, Dr Sylvanus Izhebhokae FSM, Mrs Adefunke Martins-Adetoye FSM, Dr Jummai Umar-Ajijola FSM,  Dr Kolawole Ogundipe FSM,  Prof. Austin Uwandulu FSM,  Mrs Justina Chukwuma FSM, Air Vice Marshal Uche Nwagwu FSM, Mt Adeyemi Mapaderun FSM,  Prof.  Silva Opuala-Charles FSM and,  Dr.  Olive Igbuzor FSM. 

The Institute has been engaged by various State Governments (including Lagos and Osun) and other institutions in the crafting of their strategies as well as in training their top level public servants on effective public governance since the inception of the Institute in 2003. 

Since 2008, ISMN has been involved in delivering training programmes in strategic management, leadership, and governance to the top echelon of the public service in Lagos State. ISMN was also engaged by the Osun State Government in 2011 for the strategic repositioning of the public service in line with the new strategic direction of the new administration in the State. 

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