DEPOWA Promotes Sense of Camaraderie Amongst Military and Police Personnel Children, Organises First Inter-House Sports Competition


If you weren’t at the Aguiyi Ironsi Cantonment Abuja today, you have only yourself to blame. The atmosphere was awesome, the turnout was impressive and the students of DEPOWA Daycare Nursery Primary and Secondary School, with Other invited schools like NAOWA, NOWA, NAFOWA and POWA Schools put on a beautiful display. Luckily, we were able to capture some of these moments for you. 

Kicking off the show was the march past from students of DEPOWA, NAOWA, NOWA, NAFOWA POWA of the parade, followed by a thrilling Alphabet game, then fill in the Basket and then, an egg Race.  There was also Sack Race,  followed by Cultural presentations from various ethnic groups which saw POWA with 85℅ emerge as overall winner of all the Competitions, while NAOWA 70℅, and NAFOWA 64% emerge 2nd and 3rd Positions respectively. 


In her remarks, President, Defence and Police Officers Wives Association, DEPOWA, Mrs Oghogho Gwabin Musa said the true essence of sports lies not in the outcome, but in the journey – the friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the memories created and to encourage physical activity and healthy habits as well as school spirit. 

Mrs Musa said this at the maiden Inter-house Sports Competition of the DEPOWA Daycare Nursery Primary and Secondary School, Asokoro Abuja.

Delighted to host the maiden edition of the Inter-house Sports Competition of the DEPOWA Daycare Nursery Primary and Secondary School, Mrs Musa noted that the whole idea of inter-house sports competition is to promote healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship among students. 

She added that various schools are intentional in organizing the event as a way of encouraging physical activity and healthy habits as well as school spirit. Other important benefits of inter-house sports competition are that it teaches important life skills such as perseverance and how to work for common goal; above all, it is a day of fun for our children.  

"It is indeed an absolute joy for me watching the incredible performances of our great young athletes who are displaying their extraordinary talents in various sporting activities today.

"It is even more heart-warming to know that this great school has come of age and is now able to put up this well-organized event where our children are able to showcase sporting talents. I therefore congratulate the management, staff, pupils and students for your determination, dedication and commitment to excel." she said

The DEPOWA President affirms that from the proceedings so far today, she has no doubt that the pupils and students of DEPOWA DAYCARE, NURSERY, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS are thoroughly enjoying themselves. She said she is truly moved and inspired by the incredible performances of young athletes as they showcase their sporting talents, compete with each other and interact with one another, in atmosphere of joy and happiness.

"Beyond the wins, medals and accolades, what truly stands out to me is the sportsmanship that pervaded our school community in the course of this event. We witnessed moments of triumph, moments of near misses and even moments of defeat but what defined the entire moments is the atmosphere of mutual respect and support among competitors. This is a testament to the values instilled in our school – values of integrity, respect and fair play." she stressed

She therefore congratulated all students that participated in the sporting activities, "Your hard work, perseverance and unwavering commitment to excellence have been nothing short of remarkable. From the track to the field, you have showcased not only your athletic abilities but also your indomitable spirit and resilience in moment of challenge.

"To the staff and all who have nurtured and guided these young athletes, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your dedication and tireless efforts played instrumental role in shaping not only their athletic abilities but also their character and leadership qualities. It is through your mentorship and guidance that they have grown into the confident, resilient individuals we see before us today."

She noted that students have exemplified these values with grace and dignity, and I couldn't be prouder. To esteemed parents, guradians and all our guests, thank you for your unwavering support all the time. Your presence here today has made this inaugural sports competition, a resounding success, and I am happy to have been a part of it."

In his remarks, the Acting Commandant of DEPOWA School, Maj. Samuel Buzugbe, thanked the DEPOWA President for approving the inter-house Sports, describing her as an exceptional leader impacting lives in various ways.

Buzugbe said the competition was one in the lists of various extra-curricular activities organised for learners thereby providing them with opportunities to engage in healthy competitions, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and promote physical fitness and well-being and that Mrs Musa had participated in various physical training exercises and as such, understood the benefits on the overall health performance of humans. 

"Sport competition helps to build learners' sportsmanship and resilience as they worked together with their housemates, support each other and learn to graciously accept defeat and celebrate success with humility." he added

SpyeTV News reports that, it was a display of extraordinary talents in various sporting activities at the maiden edition of Inter-house Sports Competition of the DEPOWA Daycare Nursery Primary and Secondary School, Asokoro Abuja. ol, students athletes took part in sport like, Relay Race, Egg Race, Fill in the Basket, Sack Race,  Alphabet Race, and so on. 

At the end of the game, DEPOWA executives, Parents, Staff of DEPOWA School took part in the 50-metre Race. The maiden Inter-house Sports Competition of the DEPOWA Daycare Nursery Primary and Secondary School provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and learn important life skills, and they foster a sense of unity and camaraderie,  which is mutual trust and friendship within the school community.

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