NDA 35 Regular Course Commends Defence Minister, CDS, Other Service Chiefs For Restrategizing and Modifying Operations to Overcome Insecurity


The members of the Nigerian Defence Academy 35 Regular Course, under the auspices of the Friends of the Needy Hope and Succour Foundation has commended the Minister of Defence, Abubakar Badaru,  Chief of Defence Staff,  General Christopher Gwabin Musa, and Other Service Chiefs for a remarkable operational achievements so far and it's constantly restrategizing and modifying its operations to overcome insecurity bedevilling the country. 

The newly elected president of the association, Air Cdre Danladi Bausa (retd) on behalf of members of the 35 Regular Course gave this commendation at the NDA Alummi Gala Night on Saturday, 20th January 2024 after a successful Annual General Meeting of the association. 

He highlighted the cohesive efforts of the Armed Forces of Nigeria under General Musa in addressing the country’s security challenges. Notably, the newly elected president emphasized the successful operations of the troops in rescuing kidnapped victims, arresting oil theft perpetrators, and successful NAF air strikes to combat terrorists and criminals across the country.  

Air Cdre Danladi Bausa (retd) also appreciated the Chief Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, and the Minister of Defence, Abubakar Badaru for steps taken so far to improve the welfare of retirees. 

He said, " They have done quite a lot to improve the veterans' welfare. They have been carrying veterans along since they came into office." 

In his word during the 40th anniversary of the 35 Regular Course, in Abuja on Saturday night, the immediate past president of the association, Air Cdre Emmanuel Golit (retd), stated that neglecting retirees from security agencies might endanger the country due to the skills they acquired during their service.

He noted that the retirees could become a willing tool in the hands of criminal groups if left to contend with hunger.  

This is as they requested a revision of the Armed Forces Pension Act to align with present circumstances. 

Golit said, "The military, anywhere is the foundation of the nation-states. If there's no security in any country, nothing thrives. There will be no industry, no parliament, nothing will work. Now, having served your country diligently, up to the point of retirement, it is incumbent on the government to see to the welfare of members of the Security agencies, particularly because this you will have skills that can be borrowed, that can be paid for by insurgents.

" If the government doesn't treat them when this kills you, you can name them. So for such a group, you need to debar them security-wise, from selling their skills, either to bandits, terrorists, or other non-state actors because if we leave this group hungry or you don't care for them a lot of strange things can happen. 

"The government from time to time should review the welfare conditions of members of the armed forces and other security agencies. For instance, the Nigerian Armed Forces Act has been there for so long, since the 70s. There has been no deliberate effort to review this document to see how we can add new things that can assist retired members of the armed forces."

He noted that in many countries worldwide, retirees are often involved in various forms of government services after their retirement.  

Golit said, "In other climes, you don't stay in the armed forces for up to 10 years or you're retired and you are abandoned. They must look for somewhere to fix you so that you can continue to help your country. That way, it is beneficial to the government, it is beneficial to the citizens, and that way our country will remain safe. "

The Nigerian Defence Academy 35 Regular Course, (also known as the 35 RC Foundation), hosted its 40th Annual General Meeting and Anniversary, ended with a Gala Night on Saturday,  20th January 2024 also called for improved welfare for retired personnel of the various security agencies.

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