Video: Army Chief Condemns Verbal Attacks, Detains Soldier for Insulting Governor Sanwo-Olu On Social Media, Says Other Comic Acts Are Not Personnel

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja has condemned the verbal attacks On the Lagos State Governor Sanwo-Olu by a soldier over the recent arrest of a soldier riding Okada on One-Way. 

Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja said this while fielding questions from Journalists in Enugu at the commissioning of a project, noting that the soldier who appeared on a viral video on social media, verballing attacking the Governor and making derogatory comments against the Governor has been apprehended.

He said, "The soldier that was apprehended by the Governor of Lagos State while plying on the one way does not represent the Nigerian army because in every respect it contravenes what the army stands for, which is discipline as an army and it contravenes the Constitution and the laws of Lagos, and so we frown at that as an army.

The Army Chief noted that after a thorough investigation, only one soldier went on social media to verbally attack the Governor of Lagos State and not several soldiers as the media alleged.

"Every other comic act that you have seen on social media, they are not personnel of the Nigerian Army. We have investigated that. From the mode of the dressing of some of them, you will know that they are not personnel of the Nigerian Army. One of them was running the cap badge upside down and you will know that that is not the personnel of the Nigerian Army. And from the utterances that these people made, you will not the angle from which they're talking. They were talking politics, not the army. So we will leave it like that for the ones that are of the Army, we will investigate it and will be treated accordingly.

He also added that the Chief of Administration has sent a directive to all formations and units of the Nigerian army to further sensitize troops on the need to be disciplined and abide by the laws of every community where they are deployed. "So we are serious about upholding laws, upholding rules and remaining disciplined and we will enforce that on our personnel," he stressed

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